Ryan Stanford - a young boy in a tragic situation

Ryan Stanford is six years old and lives in Lancaster, but he's probably not like any other little boy you've ever met. Ryan suffers from Alpers' Syndrome (also called Alpers' Disease), a serious genetic condition that has already had a huge impact on his development and will rob him of much of the happiness and fun that life has to offer. Alpers' Syndrome affects a tiny fraction of the population, and there is no cure.

Here on the Ryan Stanford Appeal website, we want to introduce you to Ryan and his family, to show you why Alpers' Syndrome is such a dreadful and oft-overlooked illness, and to help you see that it doesn't take much for you to make a difference. Please, take a little time to look around and find out more. Ryan wasn't given a choice about having this awful disease, but you can choose to help children and young adults like him.

What is Alpers' Syndrome?

Alpers' Syndrome is a terminal genetic disease that affects a tiny fraction of the population - fewer than 1 in 200,000 people are believed to suffer from it.

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