Ryan Development

Posted in: Ryans Progress by Fat Media on 15 January 2011

Over time, Ryan has gradually developed his own personailty - he loves being sat on your knee all day getting ALL the attention, giggles when he is tickled and gives really big grins whenever you pull him close for a cuddle! He loves watching his cartoons and Disney films, having books read to him and having nursery rhymes sung to him.

He also learnt that if he cries his "inconsolable cry", he will always get picked up and cuddled. Heis very aware that this would get him all the attention he wanted.

Developmentally, he is behind with his teething and I think it has been so much more of an issue than a "normal" child because he does not bite down on any food, teethers, dummy etc. To date, Ryan has just cut his 6th tooth with 2 or 3 others about to cut - I spoke to a couple I know who have a little boy aged approximately 2-3 weeks older than Ryan and I was told that he had a full set of teeth with the exception of 1!

He does pick up viral infections occasionally and we do find any additional illness particularly hard to shift but what can you expect when he probably has such a low immune system now.